Saturday, November 3, 2012

Florida Caverns Field Trip

We are studying geology right now in science and recently took a field trip to Florida Caverns State Park. We were led on a tour of the caverns...
 (Here, the students are touching a column--this was the only formation they were allowed to touch.)
After our guided tour, I gave the students the "Mrs. Bowman Tour" and led them on a trail to a special place I found out about several years ago--a cave that typically houses bats: 
 We found so many bats in the ceiling of this cave--including these baby bats huddled together:
A few bats were hanging pretty close to our heads:
But most were deep in the crevices of the cave:
 We had so much fun searching for bats!
 The other 5th grade teacher and me:
After the bat cave, we ate lunch at a picnic area in the park and let the students run and play: 
5th grade's first field trip of the year was a success!

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