Friday, December 21, 2012

My Behavior Management Plan

I have used a "ticket/class auction" system for managing behavior in my classroom for several years now and it's been quite effective.  In addition, my students love it!  Let me explain how it works:

Every Monday, I give my students ten of these tickets (I usually order them from Oriental Trading, but have also seen them at Wal-mart and Target):
(image from Google)
As you can see, each ticket represents $1.00.  If a child breaks a rule, I say, "I'm so sorry, but that will be $1.00" (or more, depending on the severity of the offense).  The child then gives me the number of tickets I ask of him and I quickly mark the misbehavior on a chart.  I use the chart to determine conduct grades at the end of the grading period. 

At the end of the 9 weeks, the students turn in their tickets for play money and we hold a classroom auction. 

The students bring in garage-sale-type items from home (they are NOT to go out and buy anything) and bid on them using "money" they have earned.  Whatever money they don't spend, I add onto the next 9 weeks' auction.  For example, one child was absent on the day we did our first 9 weeks' auction, so she had over $100.00 to spend in addition to the money she earned this 9 weeks.

With this system, the students also have the opportunity to earn more money.  If they get a compliment from another teacher, are caught doing something kind for others, etc., I may offer a couple of extra dollars.  The students are not allowed to ask for money; extra tickets are given at the teacher's discretion.

The second 9 weeks' auction is the most anticipated because students want to buy presents for their family members.  I encourage them to bring in items for all ages.  Here are a few items from last week's auction:        
And in case you're wondering, I've perfected my auctioneer chant!  "Next item up for bid--a cute little stuffed monkey!  Would be a great toy for you or a gift for a younger sibling.  Raise your hand to bid...and here we go...1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10?  Can  I hear 12?  15?  SOLD!  For $15 to Johnny!"  Even though I'm not as fast as actual auctioneers, I can spit out my numbers pretty quickly!
While I am the auctioneer, I assign one child to be the "banker."  This child gets to sit at my desk in my fancy swivel chair, collect money, and give change.  Boy, is this a special job!  Those 5th graders covet this position.  After all, only 4 kids out of the whole class get to do this since there are only 4 nine weeks.  I choose students randomly by pulling their number out of a hat, basically, and no student is allowed to have this position twice.
This system works great for me.  Instead of getting mad or frustrated about a child's behavior, I simply say, "That's inappropriate and it will cost you $2.00."  If they give me attitude (which rarely happens), I up the ante and require more money from them.  They are the ones losing and they realize this.  They like to keep as much money/tickets as they can!

I know this system may not work for every teacher, as some may teach in low socioeconomic areas and the students may be unable to bring items in from home.  I just wanted to share an idea that has worked for me.  My students and I love the ticket/auction system!

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  1. Do you have a copy of the chart you used for this?? The chart that you used to keep track of tickets