Saturday, March 16, 2013

Teacher Appreciation Week

We have a wonderful PSO at our school that works hard each year to treat all the teachers to a special week--Teacher Appreciation Week.  It's not celebrated around National Teacher Appreciation Day in May.  Instead, we celebrate it in February/March each year because it works better with our calendar.  Anyway, each day is assigned its own theme.  This year...

Monday was prayer day and the teachers were treated to popcorn and smoothies:
Tuesday was school supply day:
Some of my students forgot to bring in supplies on this day (it's totally optional, by the way!) but they brought them in the next day and I ended up with more supplies than what is shown.  Crazy!
On Wednesday, we were treated to an incredible breakfast and then cookies and milk at the end of the day:
Thursday was gift card day:  (And we got strawberry plants)
On Friday, we were treated to lunch and a special surprise:
Several PSO members crashed my classroom around 1:15 p.m., dressed in camo, and delivered my "Survival Kit" full of goodies, gift certificates, and coupons for free stuff at local vendors.
I had a great Teacher Appreciation Week!

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