Monday, October 7, 2013

Think Pink

Last week, we kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a School Spirit Day on which we all wore pink.  The campus was decorated with signs and balloons, and my students came dressed in pink from head to toe.  Five of my kiddos walked in with pink hair!  We had pink shirts, shoes, socks, bracelets, laces, etc.  We didn't know there would be a contest to see which class had the most pink...but we were one of the top three winners!
The school also set up a prayer garden for those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Names were submitted of those who are currently battling the disease, have overcome the disease, or have lost their battle.  The names will be kept up during the month of October.  I submitted my Aunt Donna's name--she is a two-time breast cancer survivor!


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