Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Classroom Reveal 2014

This year marks my 7th year of 7th first day of 7th time of setting up my classroom and preparing for new students.  This year, I finally got smart about preparing my classroom and enlisted the help of last year's students:
These girls worked so hard--helping me clean, move furniture, align desks, complete bulletin boards, label books/workbooks, etc.  What we accomplished together in 1 hour would have taken me at least 5 hours on my own.  I treated them to milkshakes afterwards!
Here are the before and after pics:
Before:  Clean carpet, but all my stuff is piled in one corner of the room.
This year, I traded my "Cranium Club" cabinet in for a "Woot Wall."  I got the idea from fellow teacher blogger, Melissa, over at Teach, Bake, Love. 
This is how the Woot Wall works in my classroom:
  • When you earn a 95 or higher on a test or quiz (Exception: a 100 or higher must be earned on a spelling test), you will then be allowed to sign the Woot Wall and select a decorative sticker.  (FYI:  The stickers can be used to decorate binders, journals, "cubicles," etc.)
  • At the end of the 9 weeks, you will count up your signatures on the wall and receive that number of raffle tickets to go into a drawing.
  • I will draw three different people and award them with a special surprise!
  • Rewards will vary, but could include individual privileges such as Popcorn Party, Soda Day, Gum Day, Homework Pass, iPad Dibs, Treasure Chest, or Extra Computer Time.  You never know which awesome prize it will be! 
Our school held Orientation on Thursday, the day before school started.  I put all the paperwork in a folder labeled with each child's name and number.  Inside, one side was labeled "Take home and Read," and the other side was labeled "Fill out and Return."
I also left a treat for my students (a Pinterest find):
Finally, I had a volunteer table set up where parents could sign up to lend a helping hand in the classroom.  I didn't have to plead for volunteers; these parents are ready and willing to help out this year!  I'm so thankful! 

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