Thursday, January 29, 2015

100th Day of School

Today we celebrated our 100th day of school.  As you know, this is typically a celebration for younger grades, but 5th grade actually celebrated this year because of our Every Day Counts: Calendar Math program.  We started using this program last year in order to complement our Math In Focus: Singapore Math program.  EDC (Every Day Counts) is one of the first things we do each day, and it only takes around 10 minutes to discuss a variety of concepts including measurement, geometry, patterns, money, time, place value, graphing, probability, etc. (the concepts change each month).  HERE is a brief clip of me leading one of our discussions at the beginning of the year (I intentionally did not call students by name).

Since the first day of school, we have been counting each day in decimal form, using hundredths.  We write each day/number in decimal form, fraction form, and a percentage so the students can see the connections between decimals, fractions, and percents.  Because we are counting in decimals, our 100th day marked "1 Whole" for the 5th graders:
We celebrated by walking next door to Circle K and getting Polar Pops:
This was a special treat because the students never get sodas, and we've never walked off campus to get these treats.  It was a surprise mini "field trip" that everyone enjoyed!

Happy 100th/"1 Whole" day of school!

P.S.  Just for some silly fun, here's a video showing 100 people, ages 1 to 100 (in chronological order), playing the drums: 

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