Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day

I love practical jokes and had several ideas on how to "get" my students today.  I decided on the most light-hearted prank, however--one that would leave them disappointed only for a moment.  I went with the "Brown-E's" joke from Pinterest:
During snack today, I told the students that I was so proud of their recent behavior and I thought they deserved a special treat--brownies!  They were so excited!

I passed out paper plates and napkins and had the students close their eyes.  When a brown letter E was placed on each plate, I said, "Open your eyes and enjoy your brown E's!"   
April Fool's!!  They all got the joke, but weren't too thrilled until I pulled out actual brownies for them.
Did you pull off any fantastic pranks?  Did your students try to prank you today?