Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"3-2-1 Pop" Experiment (Newton's Laws)

We wrapped up our science unit today, but I wanted to share one of the experiments we did during the unit.  We learned about Newton's Three Laws of motion and saw them in action during this experiment. 

This experiment is easy and fun!  Here's a snapshot of the materials you will need (minus the hot/cold water):
FYI, I gave each student a film canister.
You may be able to ask a photo developing lab for a donation of empty film canisters.  Just make sure they have an internal sealing lid; the ones that seal on the outside won't work! 

For an explanation of the experiment, CLICK HERE (Why does Google Drive always distort my files?!).  On the second page, I set up the table for 17 launches because I have 17 students.

One student, preparing to launch her canister:   
This must be done outdoors and as you can see, we used a stool for a launch pad. 

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