Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mother's Day Project

Each year, I have my students create a TIME Magazine for their moms as a Mother's Day gift.  We announce the "Mother-of-the-Year" and inside each issue, the kids write articles about their family, what they appreciate about their mom, etc.  I love this project, but it needed some updating.  Here's a photo of the previous cover:
The students would glue a picture (or draw one!) of their mom on the front.
Here's a photo of the cover I'm using this year:
Now, instead of the TIME Magazine, we are working on Mom's Gazette.  I found this cover on Pinterest, but click HERE for the link to Martha Stewart's site. 

Here are pictures of the inside pages, as well as a direction sheet.  I'm sorry that the pictures are a little dark and fuzzy.  If you wish to print these, I've attached the documents below.  Be warned--sometimes Google Drive changes my font and distorts my documents.  If you know why and can offer a solution, I'd love to hear your suggestions! 
For "Cover Story" download, CLICK HERE
 For the "Interview" sheet, CLICK HERE
 For the "Family" page, CLICK HERE
 For the "Sports" section, CLICK HERE
 For the "Personal Interests" page, CLICK HERE
For the "Famous Sayings" section, CLICK HERE

For the directions, CLICK HERE
Once the pages are complete, I bind them with a binding machine and they are nice and sturdy.  What are your favorite Mother's Day craft ideas/projects?  

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