Friday, May 3, 2013

National Day of Prayer

Each year, my students participate in the National Day of Prayer event at the capitol.  This year, we attended the prayer rally and even sang for the governor!  We also took part in the Bible reading marathon, which we do every year.  On the Sunday before the National Day of Prayer, the "Word Proclamation" begins--this is where people sign up to stand on the steps of the capitol and read aloud from the Bible continuously, from Genesis to Revelation.  People read day and night, around the clock.
I signed our 5th graders up to read for an hour and 15 minutes yesterday.  Each child took a turn at reading Scripture and we actually finished the book of Revelation.  Usually, a microphone is provided.  Due to inclement weather, it was taken down and the students had a tough time hearing the readers.  The kids were still on their best behavior and did a great job waiting for everyone to finish.
Once the reading was over, we had snack and headed inside the capitol.  We had to go through security before making our way to the 22nd floor where the prayer rally was held.  We all had our Bibles with us and one security guard said, "Oh, don't worry about scanning those Bibles.  You can bring them on through."  I passed through the metal detector and asked, "Sir, have you ever seen the movie, The Shawshank Redemption?  He replied, "That's my favorite movie!"  I said, "Well, then, you should know that you need to be checking those Bibles!"  ;)  I flashed a smile and he just chuckled.

We had a great field trip downtown and the students recognized the privilege they had of being able to read aloud from God's Word and pray in public. 

Here are a few more pics from our trip:
From the 22nd floor
View of FSU's campus

Two of my students being interviewed
Governor Scott and his wife

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