Friday, May 29, 2015

End of Year Gifts

This year, I decided to give my students something that would get them in the mood for summer (as if they weren't already in the mood!).  Inspired by Pinterest, I gave each child an inflatable beach ball and we took time in class to sign each other's.  This gift was so easy and a huge hit:
Static electricity discovery took place while we were waiting for everyone to inflate their ball:
In addition to student gifts, I also gave my parent volunteers a gift of appreciation for their help this year:
A pitcher and various Crystal Light drink mixes

If you'd like to print the "Thanks for Pitching In" tags seen above, click HERE to go to the What the Teacher Wants blog post.

Finally, I had a high school student helper this year.  She loves dark chocolate, so I bought her an assortment of Lindt dark chocolate and some lip balm with the following tag from U-Create Crafts:
So cute, right?!  I just love Pinterest-inspired gifts. 

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  1. So much helpful tips, thank's for that! Wish you luck and inspiration!