Friday, August 31, 2012

Classroom Tour: A Pinterest-Inspired Learning Space

Welcome to my 5th grade classroom!  In this post, you'll get a complete tour as well as links to my favorite printables.  Here's the door to my room with a nice little disclaimer posted to the left: 
A closer look and CLICK HERE for the FREE printable:
This little sign lets others know where we are.  My line leader moves the giant paperclip when we go to special areas:
Just inside my room, to the slight right:
And slight left:
I got the idea for this bulletin board from Pinterest; however, I came up with the phrase.  My students' pictures, which I blurred out, are the apps:
The back wall to the left:
And to the right:
I love my subway art in the windows (another Pinterest find):
This birthday board and balloons idea came from Pinterest.  I took pictures of my students (again, faces blurred) holding the calendar number of the date of their birth and placed the pictures underneath their birth month.
I attached the birthday balloons to silly straws instead of the giant pixy stix I saw on Pinterest.  My students are hyper enough on their birthdays so I don't want to give them sugar!  Also, I created the "Birthday Bucket" from a Dubble Bubble bubble gum bucket.
Small table that I use for conferencing with students, meeting with small groups, etc.
See the blue mirror?  
It looked like this when I bought it from Hobby Lobby:
I've done a few other paint jobs, including this stool: (before)
Okay, onto the next wall.  The door, by the way, connects my classroom to the other 5th grade classroom.  (That's not the other room's main door, though.)
Since I got rid of my teacher desk, this metal cabinet holds all my "desk stuff."  The present on top is just a decorated box that I put objects in at the beginning of my science units.  I pull out the items and give the students a chance to infer what the upcoming unit will be about.
It may not look too neat in this picture, but the inside of this cabinet is actually quite organized.  I have labels on all the boxes and know where everything is:
I created this welcome sign through VistaPrint:
I color-code my schedule, gradebook, student handouts, etc.  It makes things easier for me.

Here's my little corner:
Yes, those are my college diplomas hanging on the wall.  I believe educators should display their diplomas; why should this practice be reserved for doctors, lawyers, or our administration?  Teachers are professionals and many, like myself, have worked hard to earn a higher degree.  I say, displaying them shows that I accomplished a goal and am qualified to be in the classroom.   
Moving on...another Pinterest idea is the Sub Tub.  This has everything in it for a substitute teacher including my sub binder, lesson plans, procedures, flashcards, writing prompts, etc.  I even include snacks (Chewy bars, peanut butter crackers, cookies) and a pack of gum.
The third wall (to the left):
My homework board, surrounded with various printables.  I created the "I'm Done. Now What?" poster via VistaPrint and a couple are from Pinterest.
Finally, this one, I made myself through PowerPoint: (I have my students use hand signals; I never even have to hear, "May I go to the bathroom?"--there's a hand signal for that.) 
Third wall (continued): My Promethean board and magnetic dry erase board.  I'm planning on painting the black stool soon so it'll be colorful like the blue one...
Another VistaPrint creation of mine--I made this on a car door magnet and just slapped it on my board:
The circles are called Dry Erase Wall Art by the Board Dudes.  You can find these at Staples; they adhere to the wall and come off clean.  Love!
Finally, the fourth wall:
My reading area (the table was hot pink until I painted it blue):
Brownie Points (from Pinterest) are awarded to my class whenever they receive a compliment from another teacher.  Once the pan is full, I'll bring in real brownies for the class to enjoy!
Thanks for checking out my classroom!

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