Saturday, August 18, 2012

Going Desk-less

Last year, I had a massive teacher desk that looked like this at the beginning of the day:
 and like this at the end of the day:
I also had 27 students cramped in my room and this desk took up so much space.  Even though I'll only have 17 students this year, I wanted to open up the space in my classroom.  So, I'm going deskless this school year.

I've traded my monster-of-a-desk in for this little laptop docking station: 
My old desk held A LOT of stuff, so I've had to organize my supplies in a cabinet in my room.  I was a little nervous about going deskless at first, but I knew I wanted more space, I wanted to be more organized, and I wanted the classroom to seem more student-centered.

I've researched this concept online and have read about several teachers giving up their desks.  Most have said positive things about this change and actually recommend it!  I look forward to seeing how this works for me.  Has anyone else out there gone deskless?  How did it work for you?

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